Logan International Poster: Wolverine Protects X-23

Logan International Poster: Wolverine Protects X-23

The superhero movie machine is moving full steam ahead, and while the focus continues to be on the futures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe, Fox’s X-Men universe is preparing to close a chapter to its story. Logan will be the final appearance that Hugh Jackman makes as Wolverine, marking the end of an arc that started back in 2000. Despite being criticized at the time for being too tall to take on the role of the normally much shorter Canadian, Jackman won viewers over with his performance.

His ninth appearance as the character will kick-off the superhero slate of 2017, but Jackman will not be alone for his swan song. Logan is set years after the events of the most recent X-Men films, and Fox is using the opportunity that future-set storyline presents to introduce another fan-favorite character. With the marketing campaign officially underway, confirmation of X-23 appearing in the movie has already happened, and she is now on the run with Logan in the latest poster.

The Fox Films Peru Twitter account revealed the first international poster for Logan, and it continues the trend of keeping X-23 and Logan close to one another. After previously being shown holding hands in the first poster, Logan is now carrying the young mutant, as they run away from danger or possibly towards it with Wolverine’s claws drawn in this instance.

Logan International Poster: Wolverine Protects X-23

The poster follows suit of the color palette explored in the first trailer for Logan, which continues to help not only set it apart from other X-Men films, but also play to the Old West motif exhibited in the previews so far. Unlike the black and white photos that have been a part of the project’s early promotional campaign, more and more of the marketing is sticking with the actual look that the final version of the film will have — no matter how great the B&W photos have been.

This is only the latest step in the inevitably heavy marketing push that Fox will dish out for the film. The previous Wolverine solo films have been middling successes in terms of box office and critical reception, but with this being the last hurrah for Jackman, the filmmakers will hopefully do everything in their power can to give him a significant send off. After all, Jackman helped start the modern superhero movie trend and has been one of the biggest stars to come out of it, so bringing the actor’s tenure in the role to an end with an R-rated last hurrah seems fitting.


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