Logan Image Reveals Richard E. Grant’s Character

logan image reveals richard e grant Logan Image Reveals Richard E. Grants Character

Fox’s Logan made quite the splash in the comic book world when it premiered its first teaser trailer several months ago. Making itself out to be an unusually dark and dramatic standalone film, the trailer gave audiences their first look at what is set to be Hugh Jackman’s final film playing Logan/Wolverine, and the hype that began to surround it afterward was palpable, to say the least. While a majority of the characters and major roles in the film have been revealed now though, including Dafne Keen’s Laura Kinney/X-23, there’s still quite a few actors and prominent cast members in Logan whose roles have yet to be confirmed.

One of those key names is none other than Richard E. Grant, who was cast in the film shortly before production began, but whose role has been kept under wraps up until this point. Rumors have previously indicated that he could be playing Dr. Zander Rice, one of the main characters instrumental in the creation of X-23, but the reports were never confirmed nor disproven by anyone actually involved in the film.

Up until this point, anyways, with Hugh Jackman not only releasing the first look at Grant’s character on Twitter today but also possibly revealing his identity with the caption, “Rice. Logan. 3.3.17.” Take a look for yourself below:

In the comics, Rice’s father was heavily involved in the original Weapon X program, and was killed by Wolverine during Logan’s escape from the research facility. Rice followed in his father’s footsteps then years later after inheriting his father’s research, and started his own science program in the hopes of recreating Weapon X’s work, which eventually led to him creating a female clone of Wolverine with X-23. In the film, Rice is rumored to be very similar to his comic book counterpart, described as the “mad scientist” in charge of Transigen, the government company that has been turning mutant children into weapons, and who are Logan‘s main antagonist forces. He is also said to be the boss of Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce.

None of these other details have been confirmed as of yet, but it seems safe to say that Grant will indeed be playing Rice in the film, and is likely the person responsible for Wolverine crossing paths with Transigen in the first place, while he fights to protect Laura from Donald Pierce and his men. Saying goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s Logan will be one of the mark difficult farewells the comic book genre has experienced so far too, but with more and more of Logan‘s story seemingly centered around X-23 – including its main antagonists now – Logan may not only be the swan song that Jackman deserves, but also the perfect set up and introduction for a whole new generation of mutants to come.


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