Kong: Skull Island Final Trailer Teaser & Posters — Monsters Exist

Kong: Skull Island Final Trailer Teaser & Posters - Monsters Exist

For fans of the monster movie genre, it’s been a while since a large scale, Hollywood monster movie came crashing into theaters. True, there was the arrival this year of the Japanese language Godzilla: Resurgence (aka Shin Godzilla), but Hollywood’s history is filled with a wide variety of monster movies. This tradition has come and gone over the years and if anything, Gareth Edward’s 2014 Godzilla proved that audiences are still interested in the genre.

The upcoming Kong: Skull Island is director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ attempt to not only fill the current Hollywood monster movie gap, but to also take things back (at least in some small way) to the 1933 roots of King Kong. Vogt-Roberts’ King Kong is reported to be much more of a monster than past gorilla incarnations of the legendary beast – and recent images as well as teasers for the upcoming second trailer (to be released this week) certainly do hint at something different than what we’ve previously seen.

Once again, Warner Bros. has found it fitting to release one final teaser via their Kong: Skull Island Twitter account, preceded by the words “Monsters exist”. The teaser (below) is indeed something to see, offering a first-look at some giant reptilian monster. In addition to this all too brief video clip, WB has also released two new posters for Kong: Skull Island via the film’s Instagram account; both of which promise the sheer monstrosity of Kong and make Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong look like a mild mannered chimpanzee in the process.

Kong: Skull Island Final Trailer Teaser & Posters - Monsters Exist

Kong: Skull Island Final Trailer Teaser & Posters - Monsters Exist

Since the existence of a new King Kong movie was acknowledged several years ago, there have been ongoing rumors pertaining to Godzilla’s involvement. We’ve known for quite some time now that Warner also has plans to create a Godzilla vs Kong movie that’s due in 2020 and that Skull Island will be part of that universe. There will also be a sequel to 2014’s Godzilla in 2019 and what role Skull Island might play in that is presently unknown. What we do know is that past hints have teased that Godzilla will be making an appearance in Skull Island and now this trailer teaser may support that. It’s possible that once the second trailer arrives, we’ll have a better idea of whether or not Godzilla plays a role in this new King Kong movie.

One question that lingers after seeing this teaser clip is whether or not King Kong and Godzilla are in fact, enemies. It makes sense that if both creatures inhabit Skull Island, then surely one would have destroyed the other by the time they’re discovered by humans. Two gargantuan creatures imbued with that level of ferocity could surely not co-exist peacefully, could they? And yet, there’s a chance that when the story of Kong: Skull Island catches up with them, they actually have been living in peace. If that is the case, does this mean that King Kong and Godzilla will be working together to eliminate the humans who have unwittingly intruded upon their domain? It’s an interesting prospect to consider.

The fact that Kong: Skull Island is something of an introduction into a monster universe that Warner has promised will include King Kong, Godzilla and “other famous creatures” means that audiences could really be in for something special with the Vogt-Roberts’ upcoming film. Fortunately, fans of the genre will be at least be able to see a brand new trailer in a very short matter of time – a trailer which will likely tease even more of the monstrous world that’s on its way.


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