Kevin Feige Says Fox/Marvel Deal Is ‘Impossibility’

Kevin Feige Says Fox/Marvel Deal Is 'Impossibility'
marvel fox movies mcu Kevin Feige Says Fox/Marvel Deal Is Impossibility

Obviously, Feige’s use of the phrase “at this juncture” doesn’t preclude a Fox/Marvel Studios collaboration from happening at some point in the future. Still, it’s hard to think of a more blunt way to say that something is not happening any time soon than to call it an “impossibility.”

While Hollywood’s standard protocol is of course to deny that corporate talks of this nature are ongoing until the contracts have been signed, one assumes that if anything was even remotely in the pipeline that Feige would choose his words a lot more carefully. With that in mind, it would appear that fans will just have to keep dreaming of big screen encounters between Wolverine and Captain America, or Thing and Hulk.


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