Justice League V Monsters Trailer: DC Trinity Meets Classic Horror Villains

There have been trailers, bonus scenes, teasers and (counting Wonder Woman) three whole movies leading up to it, but fans still know very little about the Justice League movie. The actor playing the film’s villain, Steppenwolf, was only confirmed a few days ago, and what he might be up to or what connections it might have to the already-established machinations of the broader DC Extended Universe has barely been alluded to by anyone involved in the top-secret Warner Bros. production.

While Steppenwolf is surely to be a formidable foe worthy of a newly formed Justice League’s attention, a new fan trailer imagines the League’s three biggest hitters going up against some surprising alternate foes.

Posted to YouTube by fan-editor “Adeel of Steel,” Justice League vs Monsters mixes up footage from multiple different films in order to posit a storyline that almost certainly won’t be part of Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman coming into conflict with 1980s slasher movie antagonists Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers — with a pair of surprise cameos from at least two more veterans of the horror genre as well.

Justice League V Monsters Trailer: DC Trinity Meets Classic Horror Villains

The trailer (which leans heavily on the multiple nightmare sequences featuring Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) imagines a scenario wherein Batman rallies his comrades to battle the supernatural team-up after encountering Krueger in a dream-state. While it initially appears that the villains would not be much of a match for super-powered heroes, a final set of shots implies that Superman’s vulnerability to magic-based powers would prove a factor in the hypothetical film.

Longtime comic fans will note that, while the various DC heroes have encountered many beings from other fictional universes in the pages of their comics (including villains like Count Dracula or Doctor Frankenstein), an official crossover with any of the three slasher villains depicted here has never officially occurred. While Freddy and Jason both appeared in comics based on their respective Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th film series published by DC Comics’ Wildstorm imprint, they were never depicted as interacting with the broader DC Universe.

Notably, the trailer makes use of clips featuring both the original 1970s/80s and 21st Century reboot versions of Freddy and Michael. Revivals of all three franchises have been in the works for some time, but failed to materialize after a series of behind-the-scenes delays for each property. At this time, the Friday the 13th franchise is said to be closest to re-starting, but with no creative team currently attached.

Source: Stryder (YouTube)


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