Justice League May Include An Iris West Cameo

Justice League May Include An Iris West Cameo

Warner Bros. and DC Films continues to work towards expanding the DC Extended Universe – meaning the most recent DCEU-related news is not of the welcome variety. After joining The Flash earlier this year, director Rick Famuyiwa has now left the project, citing creative differences with the studio(s) regarding the direction and tone of the film. While a director leaving is hardly ever a good thing, Famuyiwa’s departure has raised other questions about the solo movie – one set to be headlined by Ezra Miller as Barry Allen.

Outside of Miller already being introduced to audiences as Barry Allen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad cameos, the rest of the DCEU’s Flash mythos has yet to be explored. Prior to leaving, Famuyiwa and the studios had brought on Kiersey Clemons to play the female lead in The Flash, Iris West. However, with Famuyiwa leaving, some have questioned whether or not Clemons will remain onboard. For the time being, it appears as though Clemons is still part of the DCEU and will even debut as Iris West in next year’s Justice League.

Back in July, Variety film reporter Justin Kroll reported that Clemons is scheduled to make her first appearance as the character in Justice League. Since that point in time, and given the recent/potential changes that the film will undergo, he has shed some more light on the situation. With the film’s production already wrapped, Clemons has already completed her Justice League cameo, but that does not necessarily mean that Clemons will for certain stay on:

The fact that Clemons has already shot a scene for Justice League only further illustrates how far down the road Famuyiwa’s take on The Flash was, but it could also encourage Clemons to remain as part of the DCEU. The importance of the cameo is unknown at this point, so if Clemons did decide to walk, Justice League director Zack Snyder would simply cut the scene out, find a way to work around it and/or recast the role of Iris West, as needs be.

That said, should Clemons walk and the scene is vital to the overall story of Justice League, WB could easily find a new actress in the coming months to be the new Iris West and have this scene be part of the re-shoots that are undoubtedly already planned. All of this is just speculation at this point, as even though Famuyiwa and Clemons have a pre-existing relationship, she could easily decide to stay onboard the project.

Source: Justin Kroll


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