Justice League: Jeremy Irons on How Alfred ‘Stays the Same’

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Whatever iteration of Alfred Pennyworth audiences have seen, he’s always been incredibly loyal to the Wayne family and in particular Bruce following the death of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Seeing a movie which had the Caped Crusader in it but didn’t feature Alfred would be very bizarre indeed, so whilst it might not have been immediately obvious how the butler would be a part of Justice League, it certainly makes sense.

Bringing this version of Alfred to the Justice League movie is probably one of the best decisions those behind the release could have made. Even those who weren’t the greatest fans of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film could see that a great casting choice was made in Irons, with the actor giving a terrific performance throughout. Making it clear he’s going to be interacting with a variety of different characters when Justice League hits the big screen, it’s going to be compelling viewing to see him across from the various members of the superhero roster.

Of course, including so many characters always brings the risk of each metahuman not being given enough time to shine. It’s something that Joss Whedon managed to dodge when he brought The Avengers team together for the first time back in 2012 (produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures), but even DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Pictures’ Batman V Superman team-up was criticised for scattered editing and a hard-to-follow plot; and this was a movie where just two heroes were sharing the spotlight. One just hopes that Justice League doesn’t fall into the same traps.


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