Jurassic World 2: Michael Giacchino Returning To Score

Jurassic World 2: Michael Giacchino Returning To Score
Jurassic World gate Jurassic World 2: Michael Giacchino Returning To Score

It will be interesting to see how Giacchino approaches the sequel, which is said to be darker in tone when compared to its predecessor and have themes of animal abuse and political undertones. With Bayona’s “dark side” being a main reason why he was brought on, Jurassic World 2 probably won’t be a non-stop amusement park thrill ride like the first one was. Still, Giacchino should be a strong fit for the project. Hollywood tentpoles are very much his wheelhouse, and he has dealt with more serious-minded blockbusters before – like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Rogue One. He should be able to create suitably ominous and unsettling cues to complement the rousing main theme and whatever tracks play with the inevitable set pieces.

After working under the gun on Rogue One (where he filled in for the departed Alexandre Desplat), Giacchino will most definitely appreciate having a far more normal schedule for Jurassic World 2, which is currently scheduled for June 2018. Hopefully the added time gives him an opportunity to come up with a new hummable melody that enthralls audiences. In today’s era of temp scoring, Giacchino is as prone as anyone to some repetition, but he’s still proven he’s one of the best composers working today. Chances are, he delivers another rousing soundtrack.


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