John Cleese’s Twitter Activity Hints At DCEU Role

John Cleese John Cleeses Twitter Activity Hints At DCEU Role

As the fledgling DCEU looks forward to 2017’s solo Wonder Woman outing and the first Justice League team-up, behind the scenes news and rumors continue to build around the franchise. One of the latest rumors flying around the internet has been the possibility of seeing legendary comic actor John Cleese joining the Justice League line-up. Known for his work on Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and A Fish Called Wanda (among many, many others), the British icon first came to comic fans’ attention when someone noticed that the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Twitter account had started following Cleese.

Now, new Twitter activity also suggests that the actor will be joining one (or more) of the DCEU films, as Cleese follows some very relevant accounts himself.

Twitter user Dennis Lamb was the one to spot the actor’s recent activity, and tweeted a screenshot showing that the actor has now followed the accounts for both Ben Affleck (who plays Batman, and is the director of the upcoming solo film, The Batman) and Zack Snyder (director of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and the upcoming Justice League movies). It appears that these are Cleese’s only two recent DCEU-related follows, and the actor hasn’t been tweeting about the DCEU.

This kind of social media activity is very suggestive of a role for Cleese within the DCEU — most of the cast and crew are active on Twitter and Instagram, with plenty of sneak peeks and first looks appearing on the social media platforms. This is also similar activity to that which happened before Joe Manganiello was cast as Deathstroke in the franchise.

Speculation is, unsurprisingly, all over the place with regards to which character Cleese could potentially be playing, and which film he would be likely to appear in. Both Wonder Woman and Justice League have wrapped filming, so it is unlikely that the Brit will be appearing in either of DC’s 2017 offerings. However, following Ben Affleck suggests that Cleese might be making his DC debut in The Batman. Wherever (and however) he shows up, this is a good sign for DC fans who have been disappointed at the lack of humor in the DC Extended Universe. Cleese is well-known for his hilarious cameo roles, and it’s likely that he will be injecting some laughter into a previously quite serious and gritty franchise. He may even land a recurring role, similar to his stint as Nearly Headless Nick in the Harry Potter films.

Of course, for those who thoroughly enjoy the current tone of the DCEU, Cleese’s addition may be cause for concern. Many fans feel that making the DCEU overly bright or humorous would come across as an attempt to copy the Marvel Cinematic Universe formula, and that DC does dark extremely well. Certainly for a character like Batman, who has historically done very well in much darker big-screen incarnations, there’s little doubt that fans are looking for another Dark Knight, not Batman and Robin. Of course, there is no official word from DC to confirm a role for Cleese in any upcoming film. This is all speculation based on social media, which shouldn’t be taken as confirmation just yet.


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