Infinity War May Affect Jeremy Renner’s Availability for Mission: Impossible 6

Jeremy Renner is a busy guy. With a self-described resting face that looks like it wants to hurt you, he’s played major roles in a number of action franchises including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mission: Impossible, and the Bourne films. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped him from starring in a number of smaller, less action heavy films, like this week’s Arrival. It has, however, caused no shortage of wonder at how he’s been able to balance such a demanding schedule.

Renner has made major and minor appearances as the Avenger Hawkeye in four of Marvel’s fourteen films. He was introduced in a major role in 2011’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and then returned in a slightly smaller supporting role in the 2015 follow-up, Rogue Nation. With Mission: Impossible 6 scheduled to hit in July of 2018, just two months after Avengers: Infinity War, it’s possible that something is going to have to give.

In a recent interview with Collider, Renner admitted that his future in the next Mission: Impossible is anything but certain. Filming Infinity War is a pretty big obligation, especially since it’s being shot back-to-back with the (now untitled) Avengers 4.

“I’m not sure what’s happening! I know that they’re really wanting to get it going, and I haven’t spoken to Tom about ultimately where it’s at. I know that there might be some conflict with schedules, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Avengers is going to eat up a lot of next year – gladly – but I certainly hope that won’t get in the way of Tom and I and the gang getting back together because I’d love to.”

Infinity War May Affect Jeremy Renner's Availability for Mission: Impossible 6

Other than the return of director Christopher McQuarrie (a first ever for a series known for auteur-swapping), and a promise of bigger and better set pieces, nothing is known about the direction of the new Mission: Impossible. Despite the team chemistry that has defined the last two chapters, the series could easily return to an Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) centered story. This would likely relegate Renner’s involvement to supporting character status, which would allow him to more easily participate, even if that participation had less of an impact.

Then again, we also have no true knowledge of the scope of Renner’s role in Avengers 3 and 4. With the potential for a major passing-of-the-guard into Phase 4, Hawkeye could either end up a casualty of the Mad Titan Thanos or go back into retirement before the fourth Avengers even begins. In an increasingly superpowered world, either outcome would make sense for a guy whose M.O. is bringing a bow to a god fight.

What are your hopes for Renner’s involvement in the MCU and M:I 6? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned for updates on both franchises as they hit.


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