Harbinger Planned as First Movie in Valiant Comics Film Universe

Harbinger Planned as First Movie in Valiant Comics Film Universe

There are currently three comic book universes circulating in Hollywood: the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox’s X-Men universe, and the DC Extended Universe – each of which features some of the best-known superheroes in comic book history. However, the next big comic book universe to get fast tracked isn’t from one of the “big two”, but is instead a movie franchise featuring characters from the lesser-known Valiant Comics. We recently learned that Sony is bringing Harbinger and Bloodshot to the big screen, and we now know that Harbinger will be the first film in the series.

This information comes from a new report by The Wrap, which has clued us in to the order in which Sony is going to start releasing the five planned films in the Valiant Comics cinematic universe. We now know that Harbinger will start off the series with Bloodshot coming soon thereafter. The plan from Sony right now is to do two films for each property, eventually leading to a joining of the two in an event film based on the Harbinger Wars. Bloodshot is currently planned to be introduced in Harbinger, leading into his first solo-film.

Although the publisher is lesser known in the mainstream, comic book fans have enjoyed the Valiant comic book universe for decades now. The rich storytelling and immense amount of creative content has yet to be utilized by Hollywood, but all that is about to change thanks to Sony. The story for the film was mapped out by Eric Heisserer, who is currently writing the screenplay for another anticipated comic book adaptation, The Sandman.


Harbinger Planned as First Movie in Valiant Comics Film Universe

Harbinger was first published from 1992 to 1994 and was recently revived in 2012. The series, created by Jim Shooter and David Lapham, centered around super-powered telekinetic teenagers called Harbingers. The main focus is on Toyo Harada, the original Harbinger, who has created the Harbinger Foundation to monitor and use Harbingers as they appear. Harada was the first Harbinger to be able to control his abilities – that is, until the lead character of the series, teenager Peter Stanchek, also displays similar abilities. Stanchek initially works with the Foundation, until he discovers that they’re crooked and then he devotes his time to recruiting other Harbingers in the battle against the Foundation’s control and a secret government agency called Project Rising Spirit.

Bloodshot also premiered in 1992, and was created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet. Bloodshot is a former soldier by the name of Ray Garrison. Injured in combat, the government brings him into their secret Project Rising Spirit project and wipes his brain, reprogramming him as a super soldier that can help locate and ensnare harbingers. Bloodshot has special nanotech in his blood that allows him to recover quickly and even shape shift. Bloodshot remains one of the best-selling Valiant properties.

Sony has not commented on a release date for the Harbinger film or a schedule for the subsequent releases. Screen Rant will continue to report on the latest in the Valiant Cinematic Universe.


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