Ghost in the Shell Limited Steelbook Coming March 2017

Ghost in the Shell Limited Steelbook Coming March 2017
ghost shell movie filming scarlett johansson Ghost in the Shell Limited Steelbook Coming March 2017

For those who have yet to check out the original anime, Ghost in the Shell follows a cyborg cop called The Major. She leads a task force that’s assigned in bringing down a notorious hacker known as “The Puppet Master.” The omnipresent entity hopes to dismantle the millions of human hosts who use cybernetic bodies called “shells” to give themselves supernatural abilities. And because of the dystopian setting, where the entire world is intricately connected, this is obviously an extreme threat. What follows is an incredibly complex, albeit compelling, story about futuristic society.

The anime’s limited steelbook is yet another example of how big an impact Ghost in the Shell has made on people. Fans still hold the anime very close to their hearts — and the heated whitewashing controversies surrounding the live-action version is a perfect example of just that. What remains to be seen, however, is if the general public will be able to acclimate themselves to Ghost in the Shell‘s uncommon style. What’s important to consider is that despite it not being a mass crowd pleaser, Ghost in the Shell‘s continuing popularity in cinema, television and literature only reaffirms its righteous presence in today’s world.

The Ghost in the Shell limited steelbook hits shelves on March 14, 2017.


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