Gal Gadot Shares Batman v Superman Behind-the-Scenes Battle Photo

Gal Gadot Shares Batman v Superman Behind-the-Scenes Battle Photo

Despite mixed reviews from fans and critics over Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad, hopes are high that next year’s Wonder Woman will be the resounding crowd pleaser the DCEU has been waiting for. Despite her nimble frame, Gadot cast a superhero-sized shadow in her debut this year, walking away as one of the least divisive aspects of Batman v Superman. Wonder Woman may not have been necessary to the plot, but with a perfect costume, a perfect score, and perfect poise, when the dust cleared there were few complaints that Gadot was Wonder Woman.

Considering this solid foundation, and fresh blood in the form of director Patty Jenkins (Monster), it isn’t unreasonable to think that Wonder Woman may bring a fresh new take to the DCEU. If nothing else, its latest trailer looks pretty neat, giving fans of DC’s first lady something to rave about.

Gadot hasn’t been shy about sharing behind-the-scenes moments via her Twitter account in the past. Today, in a special Throwback Thursday post, she revealed an image of her character in full battle dress, deflecting the blow of a mocap-suited stuntperson (presumably the stand-in for Doomsday).

Regardless of your impressions of Batman v Superman, it’s inarguable that the film provided some miraculously superpowered bombast. The out-of-focus green screen background and dozens of additional crew members in the set photo are yet another reminder that battles this big are often filmed as multiple components of a massive puzzle. Only later are these reassembled by the film industry’s technical wizards to resemble the final product we enjoy in theaters.

Wonder Woman will see Gadot co-starring with Chris Pine (Star Trek Beyond) and is set to explore Diana Prince’s mysterious history protecting mankind during World War I. Gadot is also set to reprise the role in Justice League at the year’s end. This will continue her collaboration with Batman, Superman, and director Zack Snyder (300) as they take on the villainous Steppenwolf (and the critics of the world). The film is also set to introduce Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) as Aquaman, Ezra Miller (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) as The Flash, and newcomer Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

Are your hopes high for Gadot’s next turn in Wonder Woman? and beyond? Sound off in the comments section, and stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on the DC Extended Universe as they hit.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition are now available in digital, Blu-ray, and DVD formats.


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