Former Warner Bros President Confirms Ben Affleck’s Batman For 2018

Former Warner Bros President Confirms Ben Affleck's Batman For 2018
batman ben affleck geoff johns Former Warner Bros President Confirms Ben Afflecks Batman For 2018

With The Batman now confirmed to hit theaters in 2018, it appears the studio could be positioning it as their big summer hit. If everything stays on track and they begin filming in spring of 2017, then it should have no problem making a summer release date. WB had previously staked out July 27th, 2018 as a date for an upcoming DCEU film, so that could be where they are targeting to put Batman. That said, Paramount also recently dated Mission: Impossible 6 for the same day, so WB could easily look at debuting Batman a few weeks before or after.

What this ultimately gives fans is some concrete details as to when they can expect to see Affleck’s version of Batman where he gets to not only play the character, but also write and direct the entire movie. As he was the best part of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for many, it is no surprise that his solo film continues to move forward. He is currently focused on finishing the script, which will eventually lead to fleshing out the cast. So far only Alfred (Jeremy Irons), Gordon (J.K. Simmons), and Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) have been slated to appear, but there should be many other roles that have yet to be cast, in addition to the possibility of other DCEU cameos.


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