Fantastic Beasts Passes $500 Million at Global Box Office

Fantastic Beasts Passes $500 Million at Global Box Office
fantastic beasts movie cast Fantastic Beasts Passes $500 Million at Global Box Office

There’s no doubt that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will remain a series contender for box office dominance as the holidays approach, even in the face of opposition from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is being released in a few weeks. The buzz for the Fantastic Beasts continues to grow, and there’s a good chance that the film could benefit from the release of a new Star Wars, as families shut out by sold out shows look for other films to see instead.

All of this is great news for WB, which recently confirmed that Fantastic Beasts will have 4 sequels that delve into the annals of wizarding world history. While it’s doubtful that the films will top the $10 billion in worldwide box office sales that Harry Potter reached, the series could potentially very easily take in a few billion all together, especially if these numbers keep up.

None of that should be surprising, however, for fans of Rowling’s Wizarding World. The richly imagined world is packed with characters and stories far beyond the scope of the original series’ scope, and there’s still plenty of more to tell as the Fantastic Beasts series moves on. As great as this news might be for Rowling and her brand, it’s even better for the fans, most of whom have clamored for more from this universe in the years since the last Harry Potter book and movies were released. Their wish was granted, and the rewards are now flying in for everyone involved.


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