Fan Video Imagines Netflix Title Sequence for Dredd

It’s the movement that just won’t die. While 2012’s Dredd failed to make an impact at the box office, the past few years have inspired a growing legion of fans demanding for a continuation of the Karl Urban (Star Trek: Beyond) led action extravaganza. Urban himself has, at times, led the charge, expressing not only interest in reprising his role as the post-apocalyptic keeper of the law, but also an outright adoration for the character and his story. Yet whenever there’s movement towards the positive for Dredd 2, conversations seem to fizzle out before anything can be solidified.

Earlier this year, Urban and producer Adi Shankar (A Walk Among Tombstones) confirmed that the most recent plans for a sequel faded away before they even began. This was a massive blow to the still-growing community of fans, many of whom have come around on Dredd since it became available on home video platforms. And yet, disappointment is never a reason to give up. Despite the continued failure to produce the sequel, be it in cinematic or streaming service form, fans grow ever vocal in their demands. Even without anything solid to go off of, we can still imagine what a series might look like, which is a little easier today thanks to a new fan-man video. You can watch it above.

As Screen Geek reports, YouTube user Oliver Hollingdale pieced together an imagining of what an open credits sequence for a Dredd Netflix series might look like. Using shots from the 2012 film, as well as some police radio banter also from the film, Hollingdale has created a credits sequence that captures both the feel of Dredd and the feel of other Netflix series credit sequences like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Fan Video Imagines Netflix Title Sequence for Dredd

The video is sure to reinvigorate fan’s calls for a continuation for Dredd, which is a must-see film for fans of action and genre, a far cry from the silly, 1995 film Judge Dredd, starring Sylvester Stallone (Creed). In stark contrast to that film, Dredd presented a gritty, reality based film that was more in line with the comic series that inspired it. Though still heavy on sci-fi elements, Dredd presented a world that was recognizable, even with the post-apocalyptic elements the series is known for.

While it might be easy to let this fan made video stoke the fires of your desire, it’s important to realize that, as of right now, nothing is currently in development and, in all likelihood, they may never be anything more to look forward to. That being said, if anything deserves another shot at success, Dredd is, perhaps, the most worthy.

The film’s success was hindered both by the long memories of audiences, who still recalled the Stallone interpretation from 17 years prior, and a poor marketing campaign that failed to reach the target demographics. Urban himself addressed this idea in an interview where the actor stated:

“The movie itself was not a failure, in fact it was a critical success, it just failed to perform at the box office. How does a movie with a 78% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes fail? Through zero audience awareness. Nobody knew the movie was being released. Dredd represents a failure in marketing, not filmmaking. Dredd sold 750,000 units, in North America, the first week it went on DVD, which earned it a lot of money and the number one slot. Proof that the audience, once they became aware, wanted to see it.”

Even if the new fan video is all in good fun, it speaks to the desires the ever-growing fandom has to see Urban don the helmet of Judge Dredd once more, and it’s easy to get sucked in by the ideas presented in the credits sequence. Though fan movements don’t always generate the success they’d like to see, maybe someone will finally start to listen. Screen Geek encourages the use of the hashtag #DreddOnNetflix and maybe, just maybe, if enough people get on board, Netflix will take another look. At the very least, perhaps they’ll make the film available on their streaming platform, and allow the audience for the film to grow even larger than it already is.

We’ll keep you updated on any Dredd projects as more information becomes available.


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