Dunkirk IMAX Prologue Footage Description

Dunkirk IMAX Prologue Footage Description
Dunkirk Teaser Trailer Dunkirk IMAX Prologue Footage Description

All three individual plot threads begin to interweave together as the action escalates, before the sound of an incoming German Stuka overtakes the soundtrack, and the entire picture cuts to the Dunkirk title card — but not before viewers see Hardy’s plane descending perilously from the sky in a post-credit snippet.  Given the fact that history has already been written, viewers can find out for themselves how the evacuation efforts turned out in the end, but in the cinematic telling of that well known narrative Nolan reportedly makes his mark with what will be his first original military drama.

Nolan is still recognized around the world for original films like Memento and Inception, and made his mark with superhero fans with his bold revisionist take on Batman with his Dark Knight trilogy. But it will be with Dunkirk where the filmmaker will break significant new ground, with the hopes of producing one of his most ambitious theatrical efforts to date. And by the sound of things, viewers won’t be disappointed.


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