Doctor Strange: Four Colorful New Posters Released

Doctor Strange: Four Colorful New Posters Released

Doctor Strange has accomplished all of the objectives that Marvel needed when they gave the go-ahead to make a movie out of the eccentric B-level character. They successfully introduced a game-changing player into the MCU, who possesses the power to travel through dimensions and manipulate time itself. Doctor Strange stretches the boundaries, not only of the cinematic universe, but also the storytelling possibilities for Marvel Studios in the future.

The movie has exceeded expectations at the box-office as well, with an impressive $85 million opening which was over industry projections. The movie is also on a trajectory behind only Iron Man, in terms of Marvel solo debuts. It’s $43 million second weekend is equally impressive and the movie is already on the precipice of crossing the $500 million mark worldwide, so it’s clear that whatever incantation Marvel has cast over their film slate is working.

Alternate posters are always a fun part of the movie release process and Disney is getting into the act with new prints of Doctor Strange. Marvel has just released four new promotional posters via artist Matt Ferguson’s Twitter account. The new posters feature the four primary leads of the film represented by Strange, the Ancient One, Mordo, and Kaecilius. Each character is surrounded by a defining spell or magic that they conjured during the course of the movie.

Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is positioned directly in the center of the iconic window found in the enchanted Sanctum Sanctorum, the place that Strange now calls home. The events of the film have left the sorcerer in charge of the New York Sanctum, so the window is a perfect representation of the character’s journey. The Ancient One’s (Tilda Swinton) poster shows the magic master levitating like a reimagined Air Bender, while being enveloped by an elaborate and complex spell that only she has the wisdom to conjure. The circles around her hands bring to mind the fans that she used as shields and weapons during combat as well.

Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) stands in front of a design that features the Sanctum’s window within a larger spell. It is no coincidence that the window is displayed less prominently than in Strange’s poster. In the film, Mordo was a sorcery traditionalist. It makes sense that his poster pays respect to a wide range of magical iconography found within in the movie, which personifies the complexity of the character. Meanwhile, Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) is a master of bending reality and is responsible for some of the movie’s most jaw-dropping moments. In his poster, he’s flanked by his loyal zealots who have been touched by the same dark forces as their master. His signature spell could literally fold cities into themselves and was magic that even Strange has not yet mastered. So it’s fitting that the identifiable kaleidoscopic effect is found on the villain’s poster.

Now that Doctor Strange is a certified hit, the world patiently waits to hear an official word on a sequel for the movie. However, eager fans may be left in suspense for some time longer, as Marvel head Kevin Feige has recently stated that the movies for the upcoming films in phase 4 would actually be spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. So, while we wait on a follow-up, new fans of the mystical hero can take solace in knowing that he will be returning in Infinity War and beyond that, only the Eye of Agamotto can tell.


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