Doctor Strange Composer to Score Spider-Man: Homecoming

Doctor Strange Composer to Score Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hollywood is far removed from the days silent films were played in front of live orchestras. Now, when it comes to the superhero genre, sound mixing and sound editing tend to carry more weight than actual film scores. Sure, explosions, car crashes, and all other manner of cacophony pull viewers into the action, but there’s something to be said of a score that leads the audience through a film.

What would Star Wars or Harry Potter be without the iconic music of John Williams; or The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly without Ennio Morricone? In fact, a recent essay called out Marvel and its lack of connectivity to its audience via the scores to their films. While Spider-Man: Homecoming is sure to be filled with the sounds of web slinging through the five boroughs, the film looks to be addressing the issue by taking a page from fellow MCU film, Doctor Strange; bringing on its acclaimed composer.

The news was accidentally dropped at a recent Doctor Strange screening that was held at USC. According to MCU Exhcange, a Reddit moderator who was in attendance confirmed that Michael Giacchino has signed on to compose the score to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Director Scott Derrickson and Marvel’s Kevin Feige were at the Q&A which followed the screening on campus, where Feige said that Giacchino was on board for Homecoming. Quickly realizing his mistake, Feige sheepishly added, “We announced that, right? I really hope we announced that.”

Doctor Strange Composer to Score Spider-Man: Homecoming

Giacchino is no stranger to blockbuster entertainment, having made a name for himself first in the video game genre, most notably with the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor franchises. Since then, he’s been a part of small films like Let Me In, to much bigger pictures like Star Trek, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and animation including The Incredibles and Zootopia. Though it may not have been his biggest blockbuster film, Giacchino has received the most awards for his work on Disney/Pixar’s Up, for which he’s won a Golden Globe, a Grammy, a BAFTA, and an Oscar.

The composer has also picked up hardware for his work on several video games and for the films Ratatouille and The Incredibles. In addition to more work within the MCU, audiences will also hear Giacchino’s deft touch in this year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The composer’s long history with Disney (his work can also be heard on Space Mountain, in Disney parks around the world) could be another factor, in addition to his talent, that keeps him at the top of their lists.


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