Disney’s Cruella Movie Being Directed by Mozart in the Jungle Co-Creator

For over a century now, Disney has been at the forefront of children’s entertainment, bringing a host of movie classics to the big screen for the viewing pleasure of millions across the globe. Now taking on live-action adaptations of some of its most beloved releases, Disney has seen success in Maleficent, The Jungle Book and Cinderella, and look to continue riding that wave with the upcoming release of Beauty and the Beast. The studio also plans to put together a movie focusing on the villain of the 101 Dalmatians series with Cruella.

Being brought to life by Emma Stone, the nasty Ms. Cruella de Vil is getting her own solo movie, which looks likely to explore the character’s roots, much like the Angeline Jolie-starring Maleficent. More developments surrounding the film are now beginning to trickle out, and a new report names who might be stepping in to direct, once production gets underway in early 2017.

As Deadline reports, Mozart in the Jungle co-creator Alex Timbers is said to be negotiating with the studio to direct the villain-centric film, following Jez Butterworth’s penning of the movie’s most-recent script.

Gael Garcia Bernal in Mozart in the Jungle Disneys Cruella Movie Being Directed by Mozart in the Jungle Co Creator

What’s most interesting about this potential collaboration is that Timbers was formerly set to direct the Broadway adaptation of Frozen. Obviously, he and Disney didn’t part on bad terms, as it would then be unlikely he’d want to return to work with the company on such a huge project. With such a busy work schedule that includes various Broadway and stage releases (such as the adaptation of Moulin Rouge he’s working on with Baz Luhrmann), Timbers has a busy 24 months ahead.

Earlier this year, Timbers claimed a Golden Globe when Mozart in the Jungle picked up the Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical award. As such, should he agree to helm the film, Cruella will likely be in safe hands. And of course, with every Disney release comes that core group of super-fans who will go to see the movie no matter who’s sitting in the director’s chair.

In saying that, not all of Timbers’ work has been a success. He suffered a financial flop with the Broadway musical version of Rocky, which only managed to put out 28 previews and 188 regular performances before it was pulled from the Winter Garden Theatre. What all Disney fans should be banking on, however, is that he’ll turn Cruella into the unlikely hit that his television series has become.

Cruella doesn’t yet have an official release date. We’ll keep you up-to-date with any developments.


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