Deadpool & Suicide Squad Among Google’s Top Searches of 2016

Deadpool & Suicide Squad Among Google's Top Searches of 2016
Suicide Squad Poster Art Title Deadpool & Suicide Squad Among Googles Top Searches of 2016

When it came to positive reviews, Deadpool and Suicide Squad couldn’t be more different. While the former 20th Century Fox production managed to please critics and longtime fans of the character, Warner Bros. Pictures had a bit of an uphill battle with the latter motion picture – though early reviews ultimately didn’t matter when the film became the eighth highest grossing release of 2016.

Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War may have had the more familiar casts of characters from a consumer standpoint, but the built-in cult appeal of Deadpool and Suicide Squad – which resulted in months and months of build up and anticipation leading up to their respective theatrical releases – made 2016 the year of the underdog superhero movie on Google. The current moment may be dominated by awards season contenders and Oscar hopefuls, but in terms of mainstream recognition, interest, and fan adulation the numbers don’t lie, making the case for even more interest when the likes of Deadpool 2 and Suicide Squad 2 finally see theatrical release.


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