Deadpool & Ryan Reynolds Nominated for Golden Globes

The 74th annual Golden Globe nomination ceremony took place this morning at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. The Golden Globes are selected by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and recognize excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign. The Golden Globes are considered one of award season’s major accolades and most glamorous awards ceremonies.

Although Golden Globes nominations can be a good indicator of the upcoming Academy Awards nominations, the Globes display a broader degree of recognition and often nominate popular films that fly under Oscar voter’s radar. This year, the Golden Globes recognized one of the year’s most popular comic book movies in two major categories.

R-rated comic book movie, Deadpool, received a nomination for “Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy”. Deadpool is nominated alongside 20th Century Women, Florence Foster Jenkins, La La Land, and Sing Street. Deadpool’s star, Ryan Reynolds is also nominated in the category for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.” Also nominated in the field are Colin Farrell for The Lobster, Ryan Gosling for La La Land, Hugh Grant for Florence Foster Jenkins, and Jonah Hill for War Dogs.

Reynolds has now responded to Deadpool‘s multiple Golden Globes nominations, via his official Twitter account:

Deadpool’s nomination doesn’t come as a complete surprise. The film is a critical and commercial success: currently holding an 84% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 90% audience score and $782,612,155 tallied at the global box office. In the weeks leading up to the nominations, there has been considerable industry buzz regarding HFPA voters heavily favoring the film. Deadpool has been making the rounds on 2016 awards circuit — leading up to today the film has accrued 4 awards and 20 nominations, with wins at the MTV Movie Awards (Best Comedic Performance, Best Fight) and Teen Choice Awards (Best Action, Best Hissy Fit).

Deadpool and Ryan Reynold’s nominations are great for the entire comic book movie genre. Comic book movies are considered popcorn flicks and rarely receive consideration for major awards — critically acclaimed superhero movies like The Dark Knight don’t come along very often. Part of the reason is that many comic book movies are made in a similar vein; they’re blockbusters that value spectacle and bombast over storytelling and nuance. Deadpool exists outside the standard comic book movie template. Deadpool is a comic book action movie but also a dark romantic comedy. The film feels fresh, was a hit with audiences, so its awards season recognition serves as validation for the Deadpool’s unique style. With its box office success and Golden Globe nominations, Deadpool has opened the door for other comic book movie filmmakers to take more risks.

Deadpool’s recognition is a bittersweet victory for the film’s director, Tim Miller. Miller spent over half a decade getting the Deadpool franchise off the ground before departing the Deadpool sequel over creative differences. As Deadpool 2 draws closer, it’s worth paying attention to whether or not the Miller/Reynolds tandem was key to Deadpool’s success.


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