Deadpool Reveals His Favorite 2016 Movie & Recaps the Year

Deadpool Reveals His Favorite 2016 Movie & Recaps the Year
Julian Dennison and Sam Neill in Hunt for the Wilderpeople Deadpool Reveals His Favorite 2016 Movie & Recaps the Year

Can you blame him? Taika Waititi’s hilariously heartfelt tale of an unconventional duo living in the New Zealand mountains is an absolute standout, guaranteed to make many critics’ best of the year lists over the next month. The “Serious answer” addendum at the end of the quote means that it’s probably Reynolds speaking there, but let’s pretend the real Deadpool loves it – that’s more fun. If so, does that mean he’s also excited for Thor: Ragnarok, Watiti’s next film, despite it coming from a rival superhero studio? Possibly, although unlike the coke jab, that may be a line too far for Fox.

While 2016 was mostly a year of success for Deadpool, things have got a bit rocky recently, with original director Tim Miller departing the sequel unexpectedly last month and being replaced by John Wick‘s David Leitch. Next to nothing is known about what the sequel will entail, with the only concrete news being that Cable will feature in some form. It doesn’t even have a proper release date, (although is expected to be set for Fox’s March 2nd, 2018 slot). When asked what to expect by Empire, Reynolds/Deadpool had only this to say:

“T.J. Miller snorting live mice off a mirror in the bathroom at the Minneapolis airport. Followed by a festival of handjobs.”

You get the feeling he’s having a joke.


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