Deadpool 2 Begins Production in June 2017?

Deadpool 2 Begins Production in June 2017?
deadpool tim miller ryan reynolds Deadpool 2 Reportedly To Begin Production in June 2017

Producer Simon Kinberg recently reaffirmed his commitment to creating a low-key sequel in the spirit of the first film, but making sure Deadpool 2 is still “fresh and original.” While co-writers Reese and Wernick long-ago finished their shooting script, they along with Leitch will have additional time to tweak it or add any additional details or characters, if desired or required. The production delay should also give its new director a chance to get acquainted with his cast and crew and prepare for the Merc with a Mouth’s undoubtedly action-packed shoot.

While FOX’s announcement of shooting delays was inevitable following Miller’s departure, and the subsequent hunt for the next helmer, many fans might have been worried that the sequel would get bumped from a 2018 (originally January, then March) premiere altogether. However, features often experience production delays due to unforeseeable occurrences. Recently, the studio set two release dates, one of them could be for Deadpool 2 and account for delays. Leitch and crew should have more than enough time to crank through filming and post-production in order to meet the first of the (tentative) release dates of November 2, 2018, if not earlier. While the delay may frustrate some Deadpool fanatics eagerly awaiting his return to the silver screen, the June start will give FOX a chance to get things perfect for the sequel.

Of course, pushing DP2 back could make things a little crowded for FOX’s production slate, since filming is also scheduled to begin on the latest X-Men picture in May in Montreal. Fortunately, since Deadpool is generally detached from the greater X-Universe, the close productions shouldn’t interfere with each other. And who knows, maybe FOX will be tempted to send Wade and Cable back in time to mess with the ’90s X-Men (or not).


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