Daisy Ridley Thinks Rey’s Parentage Was In The Force Awakens

Daisy Ridley Thinks Rey's Parentage Was In The Force Awakens
star wars force awakens episode 8 story Daisy Ridley Thinks Reys Parentage Was In The Force Awakens

Ridley undoubtedly knows a great deal more about Rey’s heritage and the trajectory of the sequel trilogy than the average moviegoer, so there are probably some hints sprinkled throughout Episode VII that will be clearer upon rewatch post-Star Wars 8. One bit of evidence people have pointed to is the fact that the Skywalker family lightsaber calls to Rey on Takodana and later goes to her instead of Kylo Ren during the two’s confrontation on Starkiller base. As Maz Kanata says, that lightsaber first belonged to Luke, and Anakin before him. That seems like proof Rey is part of the legacy, though plot details from the canon novel Bloodline and the revelation she never met Kylo Ren prior to Force Awakens throw monkey wrenches in the theory.

Another distinct possibility is Rey being a Kenobi, since Obi-Wan tells the youngster “These are your first steps” during her vision, so it will be interesting to see what the ultimate truth is. For her part, Ridley is enjoying all the speculation and curiosity, promising that the answers will be shared shortly. Though, she does caution that Star Wars 8 may not reveal all when asked if fans will be surprised by what the Lucasfilm story group has in store:

“I’d love to see the look on people’s faces but with answers come more questions, and there’s definitely going to be enough to keep people going for another two years!”

This isn’t particularly surprising, since Episode VIII is positioned as the middle chapter. It would be a shame if Star Wars: Episode IX wasn’t left with anything fascinating to explore. After all, The Empire Strikes Back posed a number of questions for Return of the Jedi, such as the identity of the “other” hope Yoda mentioned and why Obi-Wan lied to Luke about Darth Vader’s true nature. It sounds like fans will be fervently pouring over anything they can get their hands on in an attempt to figure it all out until Star Wars 9 premieres in 2019. How people react to the official version after building up a theory in their heads will go a long way in determining the overall quality of the sequel trilogy, but Lucasfilm is promising a satisfying conclusion.


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