Civil War Concept Art Reveals Message From Iron Man in Spider-Signal

Civil War Concept Art Reveals Message From Iron Man in Spider-Signal

This past weekend’s $85 million dollar domestic opening of Doctor Strange has once again proven that audiences are still hungry for superhero stories to be told on the big screen. And in 2018, that is exactly what fans will be getting.

The biggest of all the Marvel Comics’ heroes, Spider-Man, will be starring in his first solo film within the Marvel cinematic universe, in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland, the new face of Peter Parker, was introduced in this past summer’s Captain America: Civil War to almost universal acclaim. We all got a peek into the wall-crawler’s life when Tony Stark ingratiated himself into the Parkers’ apartment to recruit Peter to fight alongside him.

However, the post-credits tag scene is what got everyone talking while walking out of the theaters last summer. In the scene, Parker has recently returned from the epic battle in Germany. He’s playing with his web shooters and to his surprise they project the classic Spider-signal on the ceiling of his room, thanks to the ingenuity of Stark. Today, unused concept art from Perception was released from that scene which revealed alternate designs and a new message from Iron Man to the web-slinger. Check it out below:

Civil War Concept Art Reveals Message From Iron Man in Spider-Signal

In the comics “Civil War” story line, Stark did take Parker under his wing and developed personalized technology for the hero. Most notable was the Iron Spider armor, which was a custom made suit that had a myriad of enhancements such as, mechanical arms, additional reinforcement, and the ability to glide. While it was recently revealed that the suit was briefly considered for Civil War, it’s unlikely that the suit will be making its debut in Homecoming. As it would make sense for director Jon Watts (Cop Car) to stick to the basics for the character’s major solo film in the MCU.

It’s also not unusual for a movie to have several different versions of concept art for any given scene. It gives the director more visual representations to choose from before going into production. While also giving their production designers and prop masters clear visuals of what to craft.

Stark struck up a mentorship with Parker in Civil War, so its no big surprise that their relationship would continue. It has already been officially revealed that Robert Downey Jr., as well as Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan, would be joining the Sony/Marvel production of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Exactly how Iron Man figures into the plot of the high school adventure is still largely unknown. However, the knowledge that we’ll likely be watching Spidey web-swinging along the New York skyline on his way to Avengers tower next summer, should put a smile on any superhero fan’s face.


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