Box Office Prediction: Assassin’s Creed vs. Rogue One

Box Office Prediction: Assassin’s Creed vs. Rogue One

Box Office Prediction: Assassin’s Creed vs. Rogue One
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers Box Office Prediction: Assassins Creed vs. Rogue One

#4 – Assassin’s Creed

Our pick for fourth is Assassin’s Creed, the adaptation of the popular video game series starring Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, and Jeremy Irons. Though there was much hope that this film could be the one to break the infamous “video game movie curse,” the early returns are that it’s instead a continuation of the trend. Just like PassengersAssassin’s Creed has been widely panned by critics, which puts it at a disadvantage when it comes to standing up against Rogue One. Video game movies are usually tough sells at the box office, with Warcraft a non-starter in America this year. The current expectations are within the $30 – 35 million range for the holiday frame.

#5 – Why Him?

Rounding out the top five should be Why Him?, a new comedy starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco. The film hasn’t done well with critics either, but with Office Christmas Party losing steam, this R-rated laugher will find some appeal within its target demographic. Why Him? isn’t going to reach the broadest audience, yet it should be able to do fine business for itself. At most, it’s projected to bring in $13 million for the 4-day holiday weekend (it opens Friday, December 23). It won’t be able to stack up to the other movies playing, but fans of the stars will find something to enjoy.

Last Week’s Recap

We predicted Rogue One would make $150 million in its opening weekend. That estimate was slightly off, as the film made $155 million.

Next Week: Rogue One, A Monster Calls, and more!


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