‘Batman V Superman’: New Lex Luthor Hair Speculation Sparked By Eisenberg Photo

‘Batman V Superman': New Lex Luthor Hair Speculation Sparked By Eisenberg Photo

There are so many debates raging about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that it’s hard to keep track. However, one that has been pretty pronounced is the characterization and look of Lex Luthor, who will be portrayed by Now You See Me and Social Network star, Jesse Eisenberg.

Eisenberg being cast as Lex was a move that got everyone off guard, and as people tried to rationalize it in their own minds, they began to accept the notion that a modern, tech-savvy billionaire would be something different from the old-school tycoon version of Lex Luthor seen in classic Superman comics. As for his appearance: rumors have gone so far as to suggest that the Batman V Superman Lex Luthor will be a tattooed street tough; in the face of that possibility, hair style seemed like a small concern.

…That is, until Eisenberg was spotted on the Batman V Superman set. Once Lex Luthor was on the scene (pun) paparazzo were all over him, trying to snap pics of what the actor looks like. Director Zack Snyder and his crew aren’t new at this, though, and Eisenberg has been carted to and from set under the cover of scarfs and head wraps meant to conceal the nature of his Lex Luthor hairstyle.

Today, however, comes a pic (via a fan) that may provided the best hint yet at what’s going on:


‘Batman V Superman': New Lex Luthor Hair Speculation Sparked By Eisenberg Photo

Clearly that is Eisenberg wearing a wig while posing with the fan. That fan (Nicole) has since stated that they were NOT on the set of Batman V Superman and that Eisenberg was filming a different film at the time of the photo. [UPDATE: Her tweets claiming it wasn’t the BvS set have now been deleted, so no telling where the photo was shot.] With that said, take all of this subsequent speculation with a grain of salt.

Still, the question is: what’s under the wig?

The actual photos from the Batman V Superman set showed Eisenberg with locks of curly reddish hair peeking out from under a head wrap; that led to doubt about Luthor’s baldness, but now it seems like it could be another wig. The character’s vanity has always been part of his disposition; it’s not crazy to imagine that Eisenberg’s Luthor could go through several hair changes in attempt to disguise his baldness at such young age.

‘Batman V Superman': New Lex Luthor Hair Speculation Sparked By Eisenberg Photo

There are, of course, other possibilities – for instance, Lex having hair at one point in the film, only to lose it. With corresponding rumors pointing to the possibility of Kryptonite being present in Dawn of Justice, we could get a slice of classic mythos by having Lex’s grudge against  Superman (for example, trying to harness Kryptonite) serve as the indirect cause of his hair loss.

Whatever the case, it’s becoming less and less debatable that Eisenberg is likely clean-shaven on top in this film (at some point). But since nothing official can be expected anytime soon, we’ll just have to keep speculating and debating in the comments.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

Source: Twitter via JoBlo


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