‘Batman V Superman’: Aquaman To Be ‘Tattooed, Hawaiian’?

‘Batman V Superman': Aquaman To Be ‘Tattooed, Hawaiian’?

It’s hard to think of a time before the rumors of Aquaman playing a role in Batman V Superman became common knowledge, but the reports continue to spread that Zack Snyder really is planning on introducing the King of Atlantis in his Justice League prelude. The most recent rumors reveal that the hero’s influence was already seen in Man of Steel, and that the physical appearance of Arthur Curry will break from tradition – and even more evidence that Jason Momoa has the role.

The rumors surrounding Aquaman’s role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – and Jason Momoa already cast for the part – have ranged from suspicious to compelling. The most recent evidence came from Zack Snyder himself, who took it upon himself to call a Detroit radio station and promise that Aquaman would be a badass (hypothetically speaking, of course).

But in the most recent episode of SchmoesKnow’s Meet The Movie Press podcast, TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider revealed some information that he had gathered directly. Specifically, a conversation overheard during a luncheon during the Toronto International Film Festival:

“I was sitting behind a table of older gentlemen, one of whom was talking about working with Zack Snyder on Batman V Superman… They were talking about Aquaman, how he’s going to be this buff Hawaiian guy covered in tribal tattoos and stuff.”

‘Batman V Superman': Aquaman To Be ‘Tattooed, Hawaiian’?

For obvious reasons, that claim alone makes it sound even more likely that Warner Bros. and Snyder have found their Aquaman in Jason Momoa since, strictly speaking, he is a ‘buff Hawaiian guy with tribal tattoos.’ There’s obviously a chance that this may be a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario – where the assumption that Momoa has the part begins to color the type of Aquaman being depicted – but for now, the information seems plausible.

That description alone will be a serious topic of discussion among comic book fans, since there has been surprisingly little outrage over the idea of a character like Aquaman being ‘updated’ or ‘re-imagined’ for a modern adaptation. Since Aquaman remains something of a punchline among DC’s greatest heroes, it would seem even fans are open to some changes; but is a commitment to a South Pacific, tattooed Aquaman going to ruffle some feathers among older fans?

It’s worth mentioning that Ben Affleck hit the nail on the head when describing Batman and Superman as “American Myths,” but Aquaman struggles to represent the same “Midwest” or “Metropolitan” ideas. In the comics, Arthur Curry’s love of the sea has been tied to New England culture, but could re-casting the figure as a touchstone for not just Hawaiian, but tribal culture in general set him apart?

‘Batman V Superman': Aquaman To Be ‘Tattooed, Hawaiian’?

In addition to Aquaman’s physical description, Sneider also heard word of how Aquaman (and presumably, the standalone film already being written) will be tied into the existing movie universe. Specifically, one scene in Man of Steel:

“They said that what we didn’t know in Man of Steel – although I think it’s been widely speculated – is that Aquaman saved Superman’s life when he fell into the ocean… I heard that those whales that we apparently see in Man of Steel… saved him. And that they saved him at the behest of Aquaman, who can communicate with the animals of the sea. So it’s not as if Aquaman physically lifted him up or whatever.”

The brief scene should be memorable to fans, immediately following the first dose of Superman’s heroism aboard a collapsing oil derrick. Some fans have rabidly maintained that the presence of the two whales – presumably a parent and child – was a clear Aquaman easter egg, while others assumed it simply mirrored the themes of childhood in Clark’s flashback.

‘Batman V Superman': Aquaman To Be ‘Tattooed, Hawaiian’?

Whether Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer planned the connection all along, or simply spotted an opening (as some fans did) to unite the heroes, it seems there may be some truth to that cameo. Either way, the theory that General Zod’s ‘World Engine’ would give Aquaman a score to settle with Superman – adding to the rumored ‘Anti-Superman’ sentiment of Dawn of Justice – has to be questioned. Unless Aquaman regrets saving him in the first place.

What do you think of these latest reports? Does the connection between Aquaman and Superman get your shared universe juices flowing? What about the possibility that Jason Momoa was cast because he resembled Snyder’s new version of Aquaman? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 25th, 2016.

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