Batman Fans Create Real-Life, Functional Grappling Hook

Two things Batman is famous for not using are guns and superpowers, but the caped crusader is often seen using a wide variety of high-tech gadgets and tools in order to compensate. As part of his famous utility belt, most incarnations of Batman – both in print and on screen – are seen using items such as the Batarang, sonic weapons and the famous shark spray. Arguably Bruce Wayne’s most famous gadget – as well as the one every kid wanted to own – was, however, the grappling hook.

After spending their childhoods dreaming of zooming up the sides of tall buildings, a group of YouTubers and Batman fans have been building a series of items based on the weapons of the Dark Knight himself. Having already created realistic and lethal looking metal Batarangs – although not the ones used to assault a police car back in July – and a grappling device that allowed the user to rappel downwards, the guys set their focus on the more sizeable challenge of building a fully functional grappling hook gun that allowed users to both ascend and descend.

The channel, better known as The Hacksmith took the design for their previously-built rappelling device and modified it into a shape more suited for full scale grappling and included a laser sight for precision. A kevlar rope was attached, and a shroud 3D-printed to house it, before the critical element of an expanding gas launcher was added to propel the hook. Finally, an intimidating and Batman-worthy coat of black and gray paint was given to the device to provide that Gotham-chic appearance. With the home-made grappling hook passing the initial set of tests, the final stage was to introduce an ascension device that would allow the hook’s user to be lifted upwards to their intended destination.

Batman Fans Create Real-Life, Functional Grappling Hook


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