Assassin’s Creed TV Spot: Destined For Great Things

Video game adaptations have had a difficult history in Hollywood, with most missing the mark both critically and financially throughout the years. With just a few more weeks to go before 2016 comes to a close though, fans everywhere are waiting with anxious anticipation to see if the trend of disappointing adaptations might finally be broken with the upcoming Assassin’s Creed. Based on the beloved Ubisoft franchise of the same name, and featuring an all-star cast of actors, it seems like everything is there, on paper at least, to make Assassin’s Creed possibly the first critical success to come out of the entertainment industry’s many attempts at bringing popular gaming titles to the big screen.

Notably, the film will also be the reunion between director Justin Kurzel and stars Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, following their work on Macbeth last year as well. Judging by the trailers and clips released from the film thus far too, it seems like Kurzel is bringing the same eye for action and striking visuals that he brought to his unique Shakespeare adaptation, giving Assassin’s Creed a much different look than some fans might have expected.

Now, ahead of the film’s Dec. 21st release date, a new TV spot for the film has been released, that promises great things for Fassbender’s Callum Lynch, as he dives into the Animus and learns the skills and secrets of his Assassin ancestor, Aguilar. It also gives us another brief glimpse into the relationship that Callum has in the film with Jeremy Irons’ mysterious Alan Rikkin.

assassins creed movie michael fassbender Assassins Creed TV Spot: Destined For Great Things

After being attached to the project for years on end without much progress being made, it seems like Kurzel was the missing puzzle piece that Fassbender was looking for in order for Assassin’s Creed to finally make its way into existence. So for better or worse, it certainly seems like Kurzel has brought his own very unique and singular style to the adaptation, clearly taking inspiration from previous iconic sci-fi films like Blade Runner or The Matrix.

While the film has the same basic structure and formula as most of the Assassin’s Creed games have too, following on a character as he dives into the past lives of one of his Assassin ancestors, there also seems to be a much bigger focus being made on the present-day storyline and Animus itself than most of the games ever did. For some fans, that may prove to be a divisive decision, especially for those out there who are only looking forward to seeing the historical action and characters.

On the other hand, this move further helps to give Assassin’s Creed its own identity away from the games. Whether or not that ends up being a successful decision will have to wait to be seen, but for now at the very least, it seems fair to say that Assassin’s Creed has more going for it than almost any other video game adaptation has before.


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