Assassin’s Creed Fan Reactions Praise the Video Game Movie

Assassin's Creed Fan Reactions Praise the Video Game Movie
Michael Fassbender in Assassins Creed 2 Assassins Creed Fan Reactions Praise the Video Game Movie

One of these tweets comes from bass guitarist Matthew Di Panni of Los Angeles-based alternative rock band The Mowgli’s, via the group’s Twitter page. The Assassin’s Creed Twitter reactions to generally praised the acting, especially Fassbender, and the attention to detail when it came to the movie’s historical aspects. And, of course, the action scenes were praised as one of the movie’s strengths. Full reviews for the movie are reportedly embargoed until the day before it opens in theaters, on December 21st.

It’s not surprising that the immediate reaction to Assassin’s Creed, especially for fans of the franchise who were greatly anticipating it, would be positive. Still, these Twitter reactions tend to point the movie toward “pleasant surprise” status. Even if the film doesn’t turn out to be “amazing” or “phenomenal” as some of the tweets suggest, even a slightly above-average effort would place Assassin’s Creed above most other video game adaptations in movie history.

Of course, these immediate reactions tend to be inherently emotional, so it would be wise to wait and see for yourself how good or bad Assassin’s Creed really is. That would also go for any reaction that describes the movie in overly negative terms. But even if the critics don’t like Assassin’s Creed – and if the history of how they’ve treated video game adaptations is any indication, they may not – it appears that fans of the franchise will be pleasantly surprised by what Kurzel has delivered here, and that’s what really matters in the end.


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