Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jackie Chan Team Up in Journey to China Images

While both of their stars have faded a bit in recent times, there was a sweet spot in the ’90s when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan were two of the biggest names in action films, comedies, and often a merger of both. As both were immigrants from humble beginnings who went on to make millions in the States, they seemed to embody the American dream in its truest sense. Chan even recently received an honorary Oscar, and has completed 200 films at this point. Both he and Schwarzenegger have become iconic in their own right and the idea of them joining forces for a project is one that’s been eagerly anticipated for years.

That project won’t be the next Expendables movie, however, as many would surmise. In 2014, the long-gestating film Viy (known as Forbidden Kingdom internationally) was finally released. Based on a Russian fable, the movie spent years in development. Since then, the producers have tried to follow it up without much success. Then came some new funding from a Chinese studio and the addition of Chan and Schwarzenegger.

Screen Anarchy has released the first official image of Chan and Schwarzenegger together in the film, which has now officially been re-titled as Journey to China: The Iron Mask MysteryA Russian trailer has also been released for the film (see below), though it oddly doesn’t feature either of the stars in the footage.

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jackie Chan Team Up in Journey to China Images


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