Aquaman to Film Partly in Italy

Aquaman to Film Partly in Italy
Aquaman King of Atlantis1 Aquaman to Film Partly in Italy

While this isn’t the location that Wan has teased in the past, it’s obvious the filmmaker has had his eye on Italy for a while now. The delay in getting permission to shoot there could potentially help to explain why Aquaman‘s 2018 release date was pushed back three months, but nothing has been confirmed as of now. Still, this isn’t exactly a surprising development as the upcoming Wonder Woman also filmed in Italy.

Wan’s insistence on shooting in Italy could be a favorable thing for Aquaman as the fictional kingdom of Atlantis (that Aquaman is leader of) calls for a place more on the elaborate and majestically beautiful side. It could be a great location for not only expansive exterior shots, but some of the buildings would be a perfect spot for more interior shots as well. As Wan himself put it a few months ago, it’s a “gorgeous, picturesque” location that should add a lot of visual depth to the film.

For some fans, however, filming location will be relatively low on their list of concerns. The DC Extended Universe hasn’t exactly gotten off to a hot start with critics or a lot of fans, with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad (both released this year) receiving negative reviews. Most disappointed by those two films simply want Wan to make a well-received film that can reinvigorate the DCEU (though 2017’s Wonder Woman will get the first shot at changing public perception). Whether or not Aquaman succeeds at this (given that three of Wan’s last four films were well received critically and financially, it’s not outside the realm of possibility), however, has yet to be determined.


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