‘Ant-Man’ Casts Martin Donovan in ‘Pivotal’ Role

‘Ant-Man’ Casts Martin Donovan in ‘Pivotal’ Role

In a time when new technology has made movie sets leakier than ever, Marvel Studios has done an impressive job of keeping superhero adventure/heist movie Ant-Man under wraps since the film began production in mid-August. After a late change of hands from Edgar Wright to new director Peyton Reed, filming seems to have gone smoothly and discreetly with only a scant few set photos making their way to the public eye.

The most likely explanation for this is that the majority of filming is taking place behind the walls of a studio. Last year Wright said that plans to shoot in the UK had been scrapped due to a lack of studio space, and even with a new director on board it looks like on-location shooting is being kept to a minimum.

One of the side effects of this secrecy is that only the principal cast members have been revealed and we’re still uncertain about what roles they might be playing. Michael Pena recently declined to give away anything about his character (though earlier this year he was rumored to be playing a villain called “Castillo”), and now THR reports that Martin Donovan (Weeds) has joined the cast in a “pivotal” role that is – you guessed it – being kept under wraps.

‘Ant-Man’ Casts Martin Donovan in ‘Pivotal’ Role

Donovan is currently best known for playing DEA agent Peter Scottson on Showtime’s comedy drama Weeds, but he has plenty of credits in both TV and film and can also be seen in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Inherent Vice. As a late addition to the cast it’s difficult to be certain about how he will fit into the plot, especially since only a vague synopsis is currently available and “pivotal” is a rather nebulous term, but there are a few roles that might fit.

Ant-Man will focus on two different characters who take up the shrinking superhero’s mantle: Henry Pym (Michael Douglas) and con artist Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). Donovan could potentially be playing a younger version of Hank Pym in sequences that show the discovery of Pym particles, or since the movie is about Pym and Lang pulling off “a heist that will save the world” (according to the official synopsis) he could also be returning to the role of a law enforcement officer charged with investigating Lang.

Ant-Man will also star Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne, Hank Pym’s daughter and (potentially) the Wasp, along with Corey Stoll as the villainous Darren Cross AKA Yellowjacket and John Slattery in a reprisal of his Howard Stark role from Iron Man 2.

Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17, 2015.


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