Amy Adams Explains Why Playing Lois Lane is ‘Tricky’

Amy Adams Explains Why Playing Lois Lane is 'Tricky'
Lois Lane and Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Amy Adams Explains Why Playing Lois Lane is Tricky

It is quite easy to see where she is coming from. So far, Lois has mainly been given the role of damsel in distress instead of a major supporting character. She was able to use her investigative skills plenty in Man of Steel as she searched for Superman’s identity, but when it came to incorporating her with the story in Batman V Superman, it was more important for her screen time to push the mystery of the movie forward. The film tried to give her tasks to do, but all her actions seemed to have negative results for her and/or Superman.

Hopefully this is not the first time Adams has voiced her displeasures with how Lois has been handled and she has spoken to the higher ups at WB and DC to correct this moving forward. If this is the case, then she could see a more character focused story in Justice League, but for her or fans to expect a major role from Lois in this film is unrealistic. The movie is already packed with new characters to introduce and flesh out, but the majority of Lois’ screen time will likely come when Superman eventually returns.

Adams’ best chance moving forward to have a personal story for Lois on the big screen could come in Man of Steel 2, which is reported to be in active development. The movie does not have a director or release date at this point, but assuming DC can bring fans back onboard with upcoming films, Man of Steel 2 will certainly happen and should feature Lois in a more prominent role once again.


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