Alien: Covenant Leaked Set Photos Reveal New Xenomorph

Alien: Covenant Leaked Set Photos Reveal New Xenomorph

Director Ridley Scott returned to the world of Alien in 2012 with a quasi-prequel/spinoff titled Prometheus – but with his next installment in the franchise, Alien: Covenant, Scott aims to tie the events of Prometheus in more closely to those from his original 1979 Alien movie (before more properly bridging the gap with a potential third Prometheus film). Michael Fassbender, who is reprising his role as the android David from Prometheus in Covenant, has indicated that Covenant is more of a full-blown sci-fi/horror flick in the vein of Alien than Prometheus, too. That could mean that more creepy and/or otherwise freaky extraterrestrials will be popping up along the way in Covenant.

Fassbender alluded to the new breed of Xenomorphs in Covenant – which he specifically referred to as “Neomorphs” – in a previous interview, though he didn’t elaborate on what sets the creatures apart from the iconic Xenomorphs that came before them. Photos from the Covenant set has seemingly now been leaked online, offering a sneak peek at not only the “Neomorphs” but also the aliens in their own face-hugger state (among other things).

So Is It Any Good has the exclusive on these leaked Covenant set images – some of which you can glimpse below. The “Neomorph” creatures shown here are pale and not black like the classic Xenomorph physique. They do bear a resemblance to the Deacon that made a brief appearance during the final shot of Prometheus, in terms of their facial structure. Whereas the Deacon uses the Engineer aliens as hosts, it’s possible that the “Neomorphs” are the result of the new face-huggers shown here (which seem to resemble weird sex organs even more than the Xenomorph face-huggers do) attaching themselves to human hosts.

Images removed at studio’s request

One of the leaked Covenant set photos also provides a glimpse at alien eggs in the movie. One possibility is that the eggs shown here are Deacon eggs, assuming that Covenant‘s main setting – officially described as “a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy” – is the Engineer planet that David and Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) were on their way to, by the conclusion of Prometheus. It has been reported, but not confirmed, that the ecosystem of the mystery world in Covenant has been mutated and changed by the black goo seen in Prometheus, which the Engineers created. It could be that the Engineers will have proven responsible for their own downfall in Covenant, in that respect – though there could also be another explanation altogether.

Last, but not least, there’s also a Covenant set photo that shows what is clearly the interior of one of the Engineers’ spaceships (with the famous “Space Jockey” cockpit pictured). It’s not clear if this ship is the same one that David and Elizabeth took in order to reach the planet featured in Covenant – but if that world is the Engineers’ home planet, then chances are there will be more than one of their ships around there.

Be sure and let us know about your own thoughts/theories about what these Covenant set photos show, in the comments section!


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