Alfred is Very ‘Hands-On’ in Batman & Justice League Movies

Alfred is Very 'Hands-On' in Batman & Justice League Movies
bruce wayne alfred pennyworth ben affleck jeremy irons Alfred is Very Hands On in Batman & Justice League Movies

Though Irons tries to temper expectations about his part in the midst of so many legendary heroes, it’s hard to ignore the fact that he looks to be mixing it up quite a bit in next summer’s blockbuster. Irons went on to detail how he’s grounded his version of the character in such a fantastical world.

Alfred is a very hands-on… what I based Alfred on really was a close neighbor of mine, used to be before he died, Paul Getty. I remember the first time I went to dinner with him. I reached gates and a very kind gentleman took my car and parked it. I walked in and another very kind gentleman took my coat. And then Paul showed us through the hall and another very kind gentleman gave me a glass of champagne and then a very kind gentleman served us dinner. I learned during the evening that every kind gentleman who had been taking care of me was actually an ex-SAS member who was there to protect Paul. I thought, yeah, that’s Alfred really. He’s there. He’ll do anything. That’s where he comes from. That’s his mindset. He’ll wash the dishes, but he’ll also be a tail gunner.

It’s interesting to hear that Irons’ take on Alfred as a former military man comes from real-life experience. That piece of backstory has long been added to Batman canon, even playing a role in Sean Pertwee’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne’s oldest friend and confidant in Fox’s Gotham. Still, it’s always exciting to hear that an actor is pulling from such a visceral and emotional place. While Justice League might not highlight Bruce and Alfred’s dynamic as much as fans would like, 2018’s The Batman is sure to delve deep into their relationship, both the convivial side and the confrontational one. Before IGN let the subject go, they asked Irons his thoughts on the solo film’s choice of villains.

I’m just interested. I’m interested and I’d hold judgement until I read the script. We will see. Ben’s a great consummate director and I’ll be fascinated to see what he comes up with.

Given the praise Affleck has received for his directorial work on movies like Argo, it’s no surprise that Irons has faith in the filmmaker. That said, a vote of confidence from an actor of his caliber will surely reassure fans as we await both new films. Until then, we’ll bring you all the latest news on both Justice League and The Batman as it emerges.


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