A Look At the Thor: Ragnarok Set, Costumes, & Weapons

A Look At the Thor: Ragnarok Set, Costumes, & Weapons

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok has created a level of anticipation impressive even for the always eagerly-awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe sequels, with a promise to change the game from the earlier Thor films and provide a bigger, stranger experience than fans have come to expect from the Asgardian-themed corner of the Avengers-adjacent franchises. With principal photography now wrapped on the film, many expect that a more complete look could come sooner rather than later.

Now, director Taika Waititi has shared a behind the scenes video on Facebook from their last day, showcasing mysterious sets and props.

The video, said to have been shot during the final day of photography on an outdoor set near Australia’s Gold Coast, depicts the director (previously best known from Flight of The Conchords and What We Do in The Shadows) taking viewers on a live hand-held camera tour of the area, which has been set-dressed to resemble a kind of outer-space junkyard full of unidentified wrecked spacecraft parts. Along the way, he introduces various members of the crew and is eventually joined by actors Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, the latter of whom sports unusual face paint that is believed to be part of her role as Valkyrie in the film.

A Look At the Thor: Ragnarok Set, Costumes, & Weapons

Fans searching the video for major clues as to plot points or character reveals won’t find too much in the way of context to dig into, though it may become important that the prevailing aesthetic of the junkyard backdrop looks notably similar to backdrops seen in Guardians of The Galaxy. Waititi also introduces a group of actors wearing dusty brown robes and carrying sci-fi weaponry similar to certain denizens of Tatooine in the Star Wars films, whom he refers to as “scrappers” – though it’s not clear whether that’s meant to be a specific character name, a job title or an on-set designation.

Waititi also makes it a point to introduce an actor he describes as “playing a character named Meek.” Some fans are already questioning whether he is meant to be a version of Miek, an important character from the Planet Hulk storyline that is said to have influenced certain aspects of Ragnarok’s storyline wherein The Hulk will play a key role – though it’s worth noting that the Miek of the comics was a four-armed insect-like alien and the actor seen here is wearing neither a creature-suit or equipment for motion capture that might be used to create such a character.


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